• Chimneys

  • Our chimney services include:

    • Chimney Inspection
    • Chimney Cleaning
    • Chimney Repair
    • Chimney Cap Installation
    • Chimney Relinings
  • INSPECTIONS: We offer visual and Level II(camera) inspections which we recommend be performed annually as a proactive measure against a potential fire hazard. A thorough examination of the chimney and fireplace and all of it's components will help insure that any damage or deterioration is discovered and evaluated. Further recommendations will then be made on correcting any deficiencies found. Failing to maintain your fireplace or wood stove properly can lead to a chimney fire.

    CLEANING: During the inspection, if it is found that the flue has a 1/4 inch(or more) buildup of creosote(which is a byproduct of wood burning) it will require a chimney cleaning. The creosote is a highly combustible material that can ignite and cause a fire in the flue. Due to build-up of creosote in the flue, there may be hidden damage to the walls. It will then be necessary to clean the creosote before we can finish an accurate inspection/evaluation of the flue. When we clean a chimney/fireplace we use wire brushes(or poly brushes for metal liners)with connector rods that attach to get the entire flue clean. There are several sizes & shapes of brushes to fit the many different sized flues(clay tile and metal liner). We lay down tarps to protect your carpet. During the cleaning process we have our Soot Sweeper turned on to ensure that all dust and soot is contained in the machine. It then returns clean, filtered air back into the room. The Soot Sweeper is not designed for vacuuming ashes or debris, which can cause damage to the filter. We have an array of smaller hand held brushes(wire and poly bristle) for cleaning the smoke chamber, firebox and damper areas.

     RELININGS: Any chimney that has cracked tiles, either due to a flue fire, foundation shifting, or missing mortar joints will need to be relined. Please click on the RELINING BAR above for further information on relining a chimney

    CAP INSTALLATION: Chimney caps play a huge part in keeping your flue free of outside debris which includes leaves, birds and other critters. Birds and squirrels can clog your flue with nesting materials, which is a potential Carbon monoxide(CO) hazard to you and your family as this may prevent adequate ventilation. This includes your furnace flue! Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless poisonous gas and you may be completely unaware of a problem until it is too late. ( More information on CO can be found by clicking on the Safety Tips bar above). As well as keeping animals,leaves and other debris out, it also keeps out a large majority of rain, and serves as a spark arrestor. We offer black galvanized and stainless steel caps in different shapes and sizes to fit your flue.

    DAMPER/DAMPERSEAL INSTALLATION: Warped, broken, or leaky dampers cost homeowners hundreds of dollars a year. You can either replace it with a traditional metal-to-metal throat damper or have a Lyemance Top-sealing Damper installed. More information on damperseals can be accessed by clicking on the CHIMNEY INFO BAR above.

    REPAIRS: Many areas of a masonry chimney need routine maintenance. We offer many services to upkeep and maintain the integrity of your chimney stack and fireplace. For more detailed information on the different types of repairs we offer, please click on the CHIMNEY INFO BAR above.

    Our company is Licensed and Insured for your protection.